Leg Veins

Yes, now men and women alike are making unsightly spider veins a thing of the past using the latest technology in lasers.

Spider veins are small veins often found on the surface of the skin. They can be found on the legs, face and body, and are usually easily identified by their thin red or blue “branches.” Unlike varicose veins, spider veins do not cause discomfort, pain, heaviness or aching, nor do they present any significant health or vascular concerns such as blood clots, leg swelling, or skin discoloration.

Solutions uses the safe and effective Cutera Laser to treat spider veins. The 1064 nm (nanometer) wavelength laser laser is the state-of-the-art treatment for spider veins. Cutera laser therapy can also be very effective for treating discolorations in the skin caused by sclerotherapy.

This simple and effective treatment is performed in the office setting. Afterwards, skin is briefly cooled with ice packs, and there are no physical limitations. Wearing compression stockings is not necessary, although patients should avoid sun exposure for a period of time after Cutera laser therapy treatment.