Is Metagenics really what they say they are?

Metagenics has many products on the marketplace and continues to grow. Vitamin supplements are beneficial to a range of people of all ages and it is estimated that half of all adults in North America take at least one vitamin supplement a day. Because of their wide usage, the market is saturated with brands that all

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How “Healthy Food” Can Aggravate Your Acne and How It Is Best Treated In Functional Medicine

The first type of health food that can aggravate acne is the natural looking product that really is a bad product. That would include various types of chips that are coated with oil and heated to high temperature in an oven rather than a fryer, so they say they are “baked and not fried.” The

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What is functional medicine?

Welcome to the first ever SMC blog! I am so thrilled to be able to share my passion and knowledge about this clinic, which I started over 12 years ago, what it is we do and what the clinic has to offer. The number one question people ask is “What is functional medicine?” Functional medicine

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