You are unique. You have your own genetic makeup, health history, and lifestyle. Your nutrition and wellness plan should be unique to your individual body, too! At Solutions Medical Center, we use nutrition as a key part of treating the root cause of your symptoms.

Our certified health coaches are an additional support system for making those necessary lifestyle changes by helping us to use food as medicine, increasing your movement, and generally improve your physical and mental health. Health coaching is client-centered, meaning we focus on your needs and goals before anything else. Often people experience a gap between what they know they need to do to be healthy and actually doing it.

As a core part of the team, our Solutions Medical Center health coaches work in tandem with our medical providers to give patients the best care possible. Health coaching is meant to complement any medical advice given, by furnishing patients with practical ways to define and meet their health goals as well as any tools they need to make better choices and improve unhealthy habits long term.