Functional medicine.
Modern aesthetics.

Health looks different here

How Health Looks Different at Solutions Medical Center

Our improved approach to medicine is different than a typical healthcare facility. Blend that with our modern aesthetics center and the result is a better you, inside and out. We stand apart with our one-of-a-kind approach to wellness: comprehensively viewing each client and providing solutions that improve outer beauty and inner health.

The Solutions Difference

Using only the most appropriate interventions from an array of evidence-based practice models, our team is confident we can help our patients regain their optimal health.


We comprehensively view each client and provide solutions that improve outer beauty and inner health.


We don't believe in covering up your symptoms, spending hours in a waiting room, and never feeling like your best self.


Our medical providers believe in a one-on-one approach, getting to know each patient’s history, health issues and wellness goals. Our skin care experts help patients individualize their skincare routine using effective products and treatments designed to address their specific skin concerns.


Our clinic combines state of the art, evidence-based functional medicine with cutting edge advanced aesthetics. We are held to the highest standards of care in both industries and are constantly expanding our knowledge base through continuing education.


Committing to yourself and your health puts you back in the driver's seat and helps to build a solid foundation for a healthy, beautiful future.


We use functional medicine to get to the root cause of illness and disease and create long term interventions that help our patients to achieve true health and wellness.