Lab Testing at Solutions

As a patient of Solutions Medical Center,  you’ll notice that we do a lot of things different. Our primary goal is to ‘dive deep’ looking for any disruption in your health. We want to find any deviation from optimal and fix it as early as possible which is why we use advanced testing to determine the underlying causes of any symptoms or diseases. Even if your blood tests results are within normal ranges, they might not be optimal for your general, physical and mental health. Determining optimal levels is a must in taking control over your health.

Your body is not a series of individual functions. It contains a very complex, interwoven series of biochemical reactions performing very complex functions. In order to understand your overall health, we need to ask a lot of questions about your physiology. Each lab test we check is asking a specific question and the results give us specific answers. They help us understand what is going on inside your body. The number and type of lab tests will depend upon your individual situation, including the number of health issues you struggle with and the length of time you have been experiencing them.

Unfortunately, our current medical system does not put enough effort toward the prevention of a disease. It does not encourage medical providers to talk with their patients about their lifestyle habits, or to advise on necessary labs that could catch underlying dysfunction before it becomes full-blown illness. When a traditional provider runs standard blood work, they are looking for an already established disease process. Generally, action is taken only when the lab results are out of the normal range. The trouble with this is that many people might not have an actual disease yet but they are suffering from chronic symptoms already. Why wait until damage has been done?

Functional medicine lab testing aims to prevent disease before it happens by assessing patterns of imbalance that without intervention will end up yielding chronic disease. Laboratory testing is an integral and essential part of your work-up at the Solutions Medical Center. It helps us get a clear picture of your unique physiology and guides our treatment plan. Our lab results typically take longer to be finalized than most medical offices due to the amount of testing.

See our FAQ section for the types of lab testing.

Having blood tests done is not what is essential to your health.  The importance is in the interpretation of these tests and recommendations that you get from us and how that transforms your life. This is what will affect your health the most!

* Lab tests that involve stool, urine or saliva samples are an additional fee and completed by you at home.
* You will be provided with all lab kits and step-by-step instructions for at home testing at the time of your appointment.
* Once your final results have been reviewed by your medical provider, they will review them with you at your next scheduled appointment, unless otherwise instructed.

Results are typically returned to our clinic in 1 to 3 weeks.