Laser Hair Removal

No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! 

Using the wavelengths delivered by both Nd:YAG and Alexandrite, our Cutera excel HR becomes uniquely effective for all skin types. It features a high-performance dual wavelength laser system. As laser hair removal works through the generation of heat energy, it is important to protect skin from the effects of this heat which could cause pain if not managed smartly. Most laser systems attempt to compensate the pulse of heat with a perfectly timed shot of cooling excel HR takes the concept further. It uses a special technique known as sapphire contact cooling which delivers continuous cooling before, during and after each laser pulse.

The excel HR experience is reported by users as more comfortable and pain-free than other lasers. This is because the sapphire cooling system pre-cools the skin in the instant before the laser impulse, compensates laser-induced heat with a cooling impulse in the same instant, and also follows that up with yet another cooling shot.

Before your appointment you MUST make sure you follow these instructions (otherwise our staff has the right to reschedule your appointment):
1.  You MUST shave the treatment area at least a day before your scheduled appointment (that includes your back, men!)
2.  For Females, please reschedule your appointment if you are on your menstrual cycle.
3.  No waxing, tweezing or hair removal creams at LEAST 3 weeks before your scheduled appointment!
4.  Please let the receptionist know if you are Fitz Patrick skin type 4-6 (see below)
5.  You must reschedule your appointment if you have any active skin infections, as treatments should not be given on areas with lesions or sores.
6.  You need to avoid extended sun exposure, tanning beds and self-tanners for at least two weeks before treatment.


Because the energy from the excel HR laser seeks out and destroys ACTIVELY GROWING hair roots, it is important (if you want to get the best value from your treatment) NOT to wax / pluck / sugar / use EpiLady-type pluckers or have electrolysis for at least EIGHT WEEKS before treatment. These things temporarily remove the pigmented part of the hair follicle which the excel HR laser need to use as a target when they destroy the hair follicle.

Shaving or clipping the area to be treated is not a problem. In fact, we like the areas to be shaved the day of treatment or the day before. Some people find that the skin is less sensitive if it is shaved at least a few hours before treatment. Another advantage of shaving the area to be treated BEFORE you come in is that YOU can shape the area to be treated exactly the way YOU want it to be. This is of particular importance in areas like the sideburns, temples, and bikini line / bikini area.  Excess hair should be removed from the treatment area before your hair removal session, because hair ABOVE the surface of the skin will simply absorb and waste laser energy and keep it from getting to the hair roots, where it is needed. Contrary to popular belief, shaving DOES NOT make hair grow back thicker, faster, darker or more profusely! So go ahead and shave before treatment, and between treatments!

Cutera’s excel HR laser is the safest and most effective devices for ALL types of skin, even African American skin that cannot be safely treated with other hair removing lasers. Many Italian, Greek, and East Asian people have been successfully treated with our laser system. However, the lighter your skin color at the time of treatment, the better the laser beam can get through the skin to the hair roots, where it is needed.  Please avoid tanning and stop using artificial “tanning” creams for six weeks before treatment, you will get the maximum possible benefit from each treatment session. People with very dark skin sometimes need one or two extra sessions to reach their desired degree of long-term hair reduction.  It is also a good idea to minimize tanning for a few weeks after laser treatment, to reduce the chance that your tan will be somewhat uneven.

Because lasers and IPL devices target the PIGMENT in hair roots, they work best on black, brown or dark blond hair. Because hair which is naturally blonde, red or white does not have enough pigment in the roots, those hair colors cannot be treated with any type of laser or IPL device.